I, personally, don’t schedule my posts for this blog, because I can only write long-form content when I’m feeling inspired and motivated anyway, so there’s really no point in scheduling anything because I know I won’t be able to live up to what I schedule for myself.

However, for instagram photos, I definitely CAN and DO utilize planning and scheduling. I’ve tried several popular apps that have these kinds of capabilities, but only one has stood out to me as being the absolute best and the one I keep going back to and using consistently. That app is called Planoly, and you can use Planoly’s website, you can download the Mac desktop app, or you can download the app from the Apple App Store to use it on iOS mobile devices.

I love Planoly because it allows me to keep all my to-be-uploaded-in-the-future photos organized along with their captions (but it’s optional whether or not you decide to pre-write the captions), I can save hashtags and groups of hashtags so I can easily use them again in a future post, and it can make my posts for me without me ever having to even open the instagram app if I connect my facebook account and schedule when I want Planoly to make the post.

Again, I’ve tried other ‘similar’ apps that claim to have the same functionality as Planoly, and some other apps come pretty close, but none are as good as Planoly, at least if we’re talking about only the free versions of each app. I’ve never paid for a post planning/scheduling app because frankly, I haven’t needed to. Planoly provides all I need and more for free, so why would I pay for a different app to do the same thing?

The only thing I would change about the free version of Planoly is to lift the restriction of uploading only 30 photos per month to the app every month. Sometimes I like to post more than exactly 30 times a month, and in those cases it would be very convenient to be able to continue to use Planoly after the 30th upload.

Other than that, Planoly has been absolutely great to work with and perfect in terms of doing what it’s supposed to do. I love Planoly, and if you have any kind of social media that you have a desire to keep more organized, or if you’re currently using a different app to achieve this purpose, definitely give Planoly a try because it’s just the best.