Natural deodorant: I think this is one of those topics that almost everyone has a pretty strong opinion on, whether you’re on one side or the other, so I’d like to explore the topic here in a blog post.

Why Do People Switch to Natural Deodorant?

What’s the reason people usually want to switch to natural deodorant in the first place? Some people think that there’s some kind of link between the aluminum in deodorant/anti-perspirant and diseases like breast cancer or Alzheimer’s. However, there is no such link and science has debunked these myths pretty thoroughly, so you’re all-clear to continue using aluminum-based deodorant, at least in that regard.

Another reason people might make the switch to natural deodorant is because they’re simply afraid of what they don’t know. There’s been a lot of fear-mongering lately related to the word ‘chemicals,’ as if chemicals aren’t what make up, y’know, literally everything. But if you’re worried about so-called ‘chemicals’ and words you can’t pronounce in the ingredients lists of products you use, you might be tempted to switch to a natural deodorant.

Other, less common reasons for using natural deodorant are to avoid getting those annoying yellow armpit stains on your clothing (yep, that’s from aluminum-based deodorant), or if you personally have a sensitivity or bad reaction to your current deodorant. However, keep in mind that even natural deodorants can cause skin reactions if you’re sensitive to the ingredients used.

Be Rational

We use anti-perspirant/deodorant because it serves a purpose: to stop us from sweating/to make us sweat less or to make us smell less bad. Why would we buy a product specifically for these purposes if it doesn’t actually work to fill those needs? I hear all the time from people who have tried natural deodorant that it’s just not working for them or that they’ve tried so many different kinds because they keep finding that none of them work.

For me, I sweat a lot, unfortunately, so I definitely need to use an anti-perspirant/deodorant every day. If I had a good reason, like if I developed a rash from my current deodorant product or if yellow stains on my clothing were becoming a big problem, I might consider switching to a different kind or brand of deodorant, but I really don’t see how or why it’s plausible to ever make the switch to using only natural deodorants. Science has deemed aluminum not harmful, so there’s no reason to avoid it, especially if it’s currently the most common and effective ingredient in deodorant products.

Basically, if you are having any kind of issue with your current deodorant, I just recommend checking the other ingredients in the product and trying out a different brand with different ingredients to try to avoid products that irritate your skin. There doesn’t really seem to be any reason to try specifically natural deodorants, though; at least not a reason that’s compelling enough for me to jump on the bandwagon anytime soon. What are your thoughts on natural deodorant? And have you tried to switch/have any natural deodorants been effective for you? I’d love to know!