I’ve been getting super into skincare lately and I wanted to share with you my current routine, including the specific products I use and the order in which I use them!

In the morning/AM Routine:
  1. First, I wash my face with either my Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser or my Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Foaming Cleanser. Both of these get everything off my face, including makeup if I was wearing any, but don’t leave my skin feeling stripped or dry at all!
  2. I then use my favorite hydrating toner, Thayers Witch Hazel Alcohol-Free Toner (I have the rose-scented one!), on a cotton round and swipe it all over my face to replenish the moisture that was lost while cleansing.
  3. After that, I apply my prescription tretinoin serum by pumping out one or two pumps onto my fingers and then rubbing them into the skin on my face.
  4. Depending on how I’m feeling and how my skin’s feeling (dry, normal, or in-between or something else), I’ll either go in with just my favorite moisturizer (Peach and Lily Peach Slices Citrus Honey Aqua Glow Hydrating Moisture Gel), just one of my facial oils, or a mixture of my moisturizer and one of my facial oils!
For my nighttime/PM Routine:

For my Evening/PM Routine, everything is the same as my Morning/AM Routine except that for step number 3, I skip the tretinoin serum (so I only use that in the mornings, not at night), and instead I use a second toner: the Deciem The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution applied on a cotton round and swiped over my whole face, and then my custom Curology formulation applied by pumping a couple of pumps onto my fingers and then rubbing it into the skin on my face where I tend to get breakouts.

Thank you so much for reading about my lil skincare routine! I hope it was helpful or enjoyable (or both!) and that you’ll come back soon to read my future posts!