Okay so, Anastasia Beverly Hills has been coming out with a lot of palettes recently. Like… a lot. I’m talkin they’re about to give even Colourpop a run for its money. But somehow, even though it seems like all makeup-buyers want is more more more, all I’ve heard about this is complaint after complaint!

When I looked at Trendmood’s instagram page where she’s posted all the latest ABH palettes (A L L of them. lol), I went to the comments expecting to see people getting super excited, maybe some complaining that they couldn’t afford it or whatever, but usually when a new palette gets released the comments are filled with predominantly excitement. Not anymore, apparently. Everyone seems to be super flustered by the fact that ABH is releasing palettes at such a fast rate, which, to me, is a little annoying.

I mean, come on guys, if they were doing the opposite of this and releasing palettes super slowly, wouldn’t you be complaining about that too? It’s like we can never be satisfied here in the beauty community, which is honestly just sad. I think we should be congratulating ABH for making, quite honestly, really bomb-looking palettes super quickly. I mean, damn, some companies struggle to make one decent palette their whole lifetime.

Instead of finding the next big thing to spend our time complaining about, why don’t we appreciate the options we have and, if you really hate the pace of the beauty industry right now, focus your energy on supporting those companies that are still releasing products at a slower rate like maybe Hourglass Cosmetics, for instance. Let’s focus our energy on being positive and stop with the constant negativity, for once.