Glossier Boy BrowMilk Makeup KUSH Tinted Fiber Brow GelKaja Brow Blowout Fiber Brow Gelelf Cosmetics Wow Brow Brow Gel
Price$16 USD$20 USD$16 USD$4 USD
Amount per tube0.11oz0.15oz0.16oz0.12oz
Formulanot as watery, kind of almost creamy, does not set or make brows stiff or crunchy, lightly pigmentedvery thin, watery formula; very pigmented color; does not set, stays quite wetalmost an exact middle between the Glossier Boy Brow and the Milk Makeup KUSH Brow Gel for consistency and pigmentation, does not set or dry downa thinner consistency kind of similar to the Milk Makeup KUSH Brow Gel and pigmented like that one as well, but this one does dry down and really holds the brow hairs in place without making them crunchy or sticky
Etc.the least ‘intimidating’ of the fourthe most expensive and the most similar to the elf version…a middle ground performer with a middle ground pricemy favorite regardless of the price, and with price factored in that makes this product even better!